College Football Playoff, bowl prediction: The paths for the remaining seven contestants with only one spot clinched

This Saturday, the final day of the 2021 college football season is here. Conference championship games will be played and teams will compete for the four top spots in the College Football Playoff. The playoff picture is becoming clearer with so many games remaining. We are here to help you sort it all.

Only seven teams have any chance of being selected to the CFP on Sunday Dec. 5. Six teams are competing for three spots, as one team has already secured a playoff spot. That's right, it's unbeaten and unanimously No. Georgia is ranked 1. The top teams have a chance of making the field. However, those not playing this weekend, with the exception Notre Dame, have no chance regardless of their current ranking.

Here is a list of remaining CFP contenders, ranked in alphabetical order. Also included is an explanation of what each team must do to reach the top four. There are situations in which nine out of the 13 top teams either get in or at the very least, get considered for the fourth and last spot.

Let's see how these teams compare to Championship Week and the final CFP Rankings.

One of the greatest success stories of the year has been Harbaugh's narrative from 2021 to now. Harbaugh signed a four-year contract with the school in January, which included a lower base salary and strong incentives to reach goals. Harbaugh answered a question about his record against Ohio State as a Coach and said that he would either beat the Buckeyes or die trying.

Now, it's December 2021 and Harbaugh has not just beaten Ohio State, but also led the program to its first ever Big Ten title since 2003. Michigan is the No. Michigan is the No. 2 seed in the playoff.

How did he do this? It all starts with finding talent and the right fit. This goes for both recruiting for the current roster as well as coaching staff. The second year with Josh Gattis paid off with an efficient offense and a Broyles Award to the offensive coordinator. In addition, Mike Macdonald was hired as an offseason assistant to Don Brown. This has led to a top-10 defense.

Is there any other state that is more secure than Michigan in its coaching position in an era when even the most respected coaches are less tied to their current positions than ever? Harbaugh began the year by putting the program's best interest first, and the on-field success has been one of the most memorable in college football.

Bryce Young, QB Alabama, Player of the Year


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Young won this award easily, grabbing control of the race and leading the Crimson Tide along the tightrope of College Football Playoff consideration over the final two months. Young was a dominant thrower, throwing 23 touchdowns and just one interception in the last seven games. This culminated in the 321-yard, three touchdown performance against Georgia that secured the SEC championship for Alabama. The playoff's No. 1 seed.

This award is not a result only of recency bias. Young's 13-game work shows that he can be compared with the best players in the country. Young is ranked in the top 10 nationally for passing touchdowns (No. 2), passing yards (No. 6), passer rating (No. 6), passer rating (No. 10). The Crimson Tide was No. 10 when Alabama's rush attack wasn't firing on all cylinders. Young and the passing offense ranked No. 10 in the SEC for rushing offense. They helped to deliver the plays that kept the team in the SEC title game and CFP picture.

Young has also been a leader in this national title race, even though he is only a starter. The Tide had to rely on younger players at the wide receiver position. Coach Nick Saban attributes some of their success and Young's handling of his role as quarterback.

Bryce trusting and confiding in his teammates is key. A good quarterback can make receivers look great, Saban stated after the SEC Championship Game. His faith, trust and confidence in these guys has greatly aided their growth. What Are the Best Ways to Choose College Football Predictions?