How to Play Omaha Poker

Omaha is like most poker forms, the majority profit a player makes in Omaha comes down to their opponents' mistakes. Understanding the rules of Omaha high only (meaning the hand that has the most points wins) or Omaha high-low split is the first step to becoming a good player. This refers to the hand where the highest and lowest hands split the winnings. It's also known as Omaha/8. We will be discussing basic strategy and advanced strategies to help you choose the right starting hand, as well how to play on the turn, flop, and river.

These pages will discuss the hi-lo (higher-low) version Omaha. It is the most popular. The high-only version of Omaha is played in the exact same manner as the hi-lo version, except that the pot (the amount of money bit on one hand) is not divided and the highest hand is awarded the whole pot.

Omaha can also be played at a set limit or pot limit. (Raised funds may not exceed the current pot size). No-limit Omaha is not a common option, though it can be played occasionally. Limit Omaha will not be discussed in this article unless stated otherwise. Limit Omaha is a good game to play until you are experienced. Pot-limit Omaha can be very difficult for beginners and can cause serious financial problems. Pot-limit Omaha is a very rare game. One mistake can cost you a lot, just like no-limit.

Rankings and Abbreviations for Card Abbreviations

This article will include abbreviations of cards and their ranks. This list can be consulted.

A Ace (also called a "bullet")

K King (also called a "cowboy")

Q Queen

J Jack

T Ten

9 Nine

8 Eight

7 Seven

6 Six

5 Five

4 Four

3 of Three

2 Two (also called a "deuce", of a duck)

AA Pair of Aces

AK Ace and AK King

Q9s Queen and nine, suited. (The "s", which means suited, would be Q9 without an "s"), that is, the cards are not of the same suit.

We're done with the preliminary steps. Let's move on to the next section, which will cover basic strategy for Omaha poker.

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