You can win four ways by playing with just three cards

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What are the basic rules?

Three Card Poker (3-card poker) is a popular game at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino. This is a stud poker game that uses one deck of 52 cards. Each position can hold seven players. The three spaces marked Ante Play or Pair Plus are located in front of each one. To start the game, players can place bets on the Ante or Pair Plus. All bets must start at $5, but Ante and Pair Plus bets don't have to be equal. Each player and the dealer will then be dealt three cards face down.

How to win Three Card Poker

The Ante is a wager against the dealer's hand. After looking at his/her cards the player must decide if their hand can beat that of the dealer. If the answer is yes, the player must place an additional wager equal or greater than the Ante bet. This is called the Play. The Play wager is placed on top of the box containing the cards. This indicates that the player wants to stay in the hand.

If the player doesn't believe his/her hand will beat the dealer's, the player should push his cards along with his/her wager to indicate that he/she is not willing to play the Play. The Ante wager becomes forfeit.

After all Play bets are made, the dealer flips his cards and arranges the best three-card hand. To qualify, the dealer must hold a hand that is at least queen-high.

If the dealer is not qualified, the Push on the Play will be used: nobody wins, and no one loses. The Ante pays even money or 1 to 1.

If the dealer qualifies, and the player beats him, the Play pays 1-1 and the Ante pays 1-1.

The Ante and Play are lost if the dealer qualifies but the dealer beats the play. If the dealer qualifies, and the dealer's hands tie the player's hands, then there will be a push on the Ante as well as the Play.

The following hands, regardless of which hand the dealer has, are always paid on an Ante bet. This is the Ante Bonus. How to Win a Pair plus Bet

The Pair Plus bet is on the hand value only and does not go against the dealer. The win or loss of the Ante and Play bets will not affect the Pair Plus. The Pair Plus is paid out or taken regardless of whether the dealer qualifies. If the player is betting only on the Pair Plus, he/she will place his/her cards face down in the Play area if they have a winning hand or fold if it does not have a pair.

These hands will be paid for Pair Plus bets

Six-Card Bonus

This optional bonus wager allows players to compete against the table's payout. Players can then create the best five-card hand by using the three cards they have and the dealer’s three cards.

Three Card Poker Rules:

These 3 card poker rules will help you create a winning strategy for your next visit.

After the first card is dealt, original bets on the Ante and Pair Plus cannot be increased, decreased, or withdrawn.

The players may discuss their hands with each other, but the cards must remain above the table, within the rail, and in their area at all time.

Ace is always high, except in the 3-2 Ace sequence. In that case it is played as either the lowest straight or lowest straight flush (if applicable).

Each player can only play one position at a table and cannot bet against or on another player.

For each hand, the following bets (or combinations of bets) may be placed:

Bet Ante to play against a dealer

Bet Pair Plus to play only one hand

Bet Ante or Pair Plus to play both

Three-card Poker is different from five-card poker. This is how the hands are ranked:

Straight Flush

Three of a Kind




High Card

How to win a Three Card Poker Multi-Link Progressive Wager

This side bet will place the Mississippi Stud, Three Card Poker and Four Card Poker as well as Ultimate Texas Hold'Em, Let it Ride Poker, and connects the five games into one progressive jackpot. Twelve tables will be participating.

It works as follows: Place the $1 progressive side wager before the deal to be eligible for a share of the jackpot.

Progressive wagers pay when a player has a three-of a kind or higher. If you are lucky enough to have a royal flush, 100% of the pot will be yours! If they have placed the progressive wager, even the players at the jackpot-winning table will be able to walk away with something. A Royal Flush or Straight Flush award an Envy bonus of either $1,000 or $300.

This is your chance to win more money and more often by placing a wager. Next time you're in, ask a dealer or supervisor at the table for more information. Game rules for 3 card poker