How to use remote viewing the Lottery

Remote viewing is a great way to win the lottery.

Numbers are the main reason. Numerous psychics will tell you that numbers can be difficult to predict. What are you supposed see when trying to view a number. Numbers are concepts and not real things. There is no way to see them in a concrete way.

Remote viewing can be used to circumvent this problem. You can assign pictures to each numerical outcome, and then use those pictures instead of the lottery numbers. This will mean that you can't see the future but RVers won't let time or insignificant things get in their way. After the numbers have been drawn, the pictures that correspond to the winning numbers are taken from the pile and set aside as targets. Remote viewing would allow a team to see which pictures will be used as targets.

Another problem is this. For a total 294 photos, 6 stacks of 49 pictures would be required for my 6/49. To determine which picture was being described, I would need to compare descriptions for 6 RV targets with all 294 photos. This would be tedious and time-consuming due to the vagueness of remote viewing descriptions. It's a rewarding job, but it is not feasible logistically without a large team of remote viewers as well as an experienced analysis team.

There are also smaller pick-3 lotteries. These are simpler and have fewer numbers but the payouts don't warrant the effort required to view them.

This game might be a good fit...

A paper rock scissors game is the new lottery in my area. You pick your RTS outcomes in the hope of beating the computer, or any other device that generates 14 RPS.

This game has 14 targets. Each target requires only 3 photos according to the above method, which makes it a total of 42. It is possible to pick 3 photos that are very different from each other, making it easy to match them against the RV descriptions. Each photo gets a point for each close description. The one with the most points is my winner.

If you get 13-14 correct, the payout isn’t very good. However, you can get a free ticket if you get 6 right. The websites list the odds of that happening at one in six. Even a remote viewing team with half the brains should be able get enough right to continue playing indefinitely.

Get a free ticket!

I have a promotional ticket for the RPS game. I would rather not pick random numbers. I want remote-viewed results. Assuming there are enough participants.

It's a weekly draw so I will purchase a ticked next Saturday based on remote viewing information that I receive in this thread. In the meantime, I will select 14 sets each of three images and assign them to every possible outcome. After I have made my predictions based on the data collected, I will share with everyone what these images were. I will also use digital images that I find online. I will print the 14 images that correspond with the winning outcomes and their target numbers after the draw. These target numbers will be provided to you as participants. You will have remote access to the images I will assign the numbers to.

Although I would prefer that people don't post RV sessions directly to the boards to prevent contamination, I understand that it's too much for a public forum. Let's just get on with it. It's not easy to ask for 14 targets, but I'll do anything to get them. Be aware that other participants can cause problems in your own session if you are planning on taking part.

Because random large numbers without context are meaningless, I used a random generator. The order in which the targets appear is not always the same as the RPS rounds. The only thing you need to understand is that those numbers are linked with an image. When RVing them, you should use the target number. They don't have to be your first or second target. Instead, you should think of each one by its target number.


Target 46380

Target 16655

Target 66473

Target 20809


Target 21508

Target 90744

Target 62828

Target 18135

Target 84537

Target 25297

Target 46760

Target 14905

If there is participation, we almost always get the ticket to try again.