How to Win the Pick 3 Lottery - ish

The Pick 3 lottery is easier to win. It is a lottery game that can be very frustrating.

You might as well be putting your money in a slot machine.

Pick 3 is the best game you can play. It's a small win of about $500.

That's the big prize!

However, the lower-tier prizes such as a $50 bonus or a free play are enough to keep you busy...

What happens to the small wins? These small wins are so insignificant that they simply go back into the machine.

You can't win with Pick 3

You will never win the lottery's big prize because Pick 3 isn't big enough.

You can certainly play Pick 3 for fun. If you are looking for the jackpot, Pick 3 is not the right game.

Most players consider the possibility of a 'big win" one of the most compelling reasons to play the lottery. It could be the life-changing jackpot.

You won't find that in Pick 3 games.

The only thing you need to win Pick 3 every time.

This is not a scam. Pick 3 is not enough to generate an income/profit.

People love to claim it, especially if they are trying to sell you a product. Sometimes they may have some short-term evidence to support their claims. This never stands up to scrutiny. I've been there. I've had those conversations.

Only one way to win pick 3 is to buy or box all combinations.

However, this is not going to turn a profit.

So what can you do?

You can win the Pick 3 lottery by simply quitting playing it and choosing a better game.

They won't tell you to do it at the lottery counter or in the Pick 3 lottery system.

Take your Pick 5 or 6 game. These games offer life-changing jackpots almost every week. There are also many smaller prizes available in these games.

Although the odds of winning are less than with Pick 3, for smaller prizes, they won't be significantly different.

What you actually gain is the chance to win larger prizes - and this comes at no additional cost.

The right game can make the difference between winning and losing

The most important thing a lottery player can do is choose the right game for them.

How do you pick the best game?

Get my free tips and tricks for the lottery - I'll show and guide you through specific examples.

You don't have to play the most flashy or largest jackpot game when you get to the lottery terminal. It doesn't necessarily make it the best.