Lotto Winning Numbers

These combinations are the most lucrative to win the next PS9,000,000 Lotto Jackpot!

You can increase your chances of winning the jackpot by choosing these most popular numbers combinations.

These combinations are based upon high-frequency winning patterns, and can offer you more prizes than normal.

  • We generated all 45,057.474 Lotto combinations (that's quite a lot).

  • We analyzed them all starting with Lotto draw

  • We checked their performance, and noted how many and which prizes won.

  • We used additional formulas in order to distinguish winning combinations from losing ones

  • Lotto Most Winning Numbers VS Random numbers

Many people don't believe that any lottery system is real. Instead, they believe that luck is just random and play lucky dips. They don't realize how wrong they are.

We wanted to show you that there is a better system than just playing random numbers. This is what we did:

Our system allowed us to select 3 lucky dips as well as 3 high-performing lottery combinations. They were played over a 12-month period. Check out the results.

You can see that random numbers players won very little. It would have been very frustrating for him as well as the other players who played in the same manner.

Our smart player won quite often, leaving him with a nice profit. This is just for 3 lines. These combinations can be played on 10, 20, 50, or 100 lines.

What are the combinations I will have access to?

Access to the minimum 100 most winning combinations for each lottery will be available. You will also have access to all special combinations, including top matchers for higher prize tiers and most frequently winning combinations per bonus ball combination. Where to find the best lotto numbers