More Uses For Your Tarokka Deck

Tarokkas, Random Tables

You can now draw cards from your Tarokka deck, regardless of whether you are playing Curse of Strahd. Below, I have made it easy for you and me by writing the numbers on a table.

These cards, except for the d6 column in the table, don't exactly match the probability of a throw of an actual dice. This would be unacceptable if it were a saving throw or ability check, attack, damage roll, or saving throw. This is good enough for a DM's random tables. This is as good as it gets without any extra cards!

It's great fun to have players draw the cards for treasure or encounters. You can add drama to the table by asking players to draw the cards. Psychologically, it shifts the responsibility of the outcome to the player. The other players watch and hope for a good result.

You can see the table below or download it as a PDF from the Free Game Resources section.

Tarokka Deck as Dice

A Little Preview

This is a preview of a new DMs Guild product that I am currently working on. This is a Curse of Strahd recurring encounter that uses a magic Tarokka deck. You can learn more about this side trip by watching my game with Chris Perkins next week.


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