Pairs Pick 3 & Pick 4

About Lottery Post's Analysis of Pairs for Pick 3 & Pick 4

This is the best Pick 3 and Pick 4 pair analysis and reporting tool!

Other websites and software may have shown you how many times a particular pair appeared in a game. But now, with the Pairs Analysis for Pick 3 or Pick 4, you can see the pair count, last appearance date and number of draws.

  • Any combination of any number of games in any state

  • Available at any time

  • Non-positional and positional pairs

  • Any order, straight or in a box, exact or not

  • You don't have to wait for the results with all this power and flexibility. Your report will usually appear within a few seconds. We even include the time taken to generate the report at bottom to show how quickly our system processes all of that data.

The Pairs Analysis also includes:

  • Continuously-updated analysis. This means that every time Lottery Post publishes new results for a lottery game, those results are instantly included in the pairs reports you create.

  • The interface is easy to use and looks just like other Lottery Post systems. This makes it simple to learn and use the tool.

  • With a single click, you can select from a variety of popular dates (such as "this calendar" or "past six months") or you can create your own date range using the simple-to-use calendar selections.

  • Date filters can be used to filter specific days, months, or days of the month within the time range that you have specified.

  • The report automatically calculates the number of times each pair should appear. This allows you to instantly see if a particular pair has been drawn less often than it should.

  • Boxed pair reports show the expected number drawn divided by repeating and nonrepeating pairs.

  • The red and blue highlights of late and very late pairs highlight the pairs that you might be interested in.

  • Click on the column header to instantly sort the report. You can click again to sort the opposite direction.

  • We automatically remove any extra web page content from your report when you print it. This gives you a high-quality document to refer to.

  • Click the Help/About button above to get great information about Pairs Analysis for Pick 3 or Pick 4.

You can also check out the Combinations Analysis for Pick 3 or Pick 4, which offers the same type of tool for analysing combinations that were present in previous drawings.