Pick 4 Strategies Provide A Giveaway Number In California

Choose 4 Strategies to Provide a Giveaway Number in California Daily 4 Lottery

My Pick 4 Strategies led to a huge Daily 4 win in the California Daily 4 Lottery. Sunday evening, November 22, 2009 was the draw for the Daily 4 Winning Number 9822. Based on twenty-plus strategies, my Pick 4 System put this number (9822) on the radar screen to be the next winning California Daily 4 number.

It was through my strategies and my Mini Tracking sheet that three (3) previous Daily 4 winning numbers, which were "connectors", pointed to the 9822 in exactly the same order it was drawn. A "Giveaway Number" is a combination of three or more numbers that point to the same four-digit number. This is similar to getting a Pick 4 number for free.

California Daily 4 Lottery paid $5,774 to one winner of the Straight Ticket under their pari-mutuel payout scheme. Five people each received $3118 for their Straight/Box ticket.

This is a good payoff for the week of tracking CA Daily 4 numbers with Robert Walsh Pick 4 System & Strategies, which took at most just a few hours.