The Lotto Black Book Review

Published December 17, 2016.

The Lotto Black Book is still being sold, which we find very disturbing. It has been proven to be a fraudulent lottery system. This is more than an opinion. Every single review site for lottery systems has reported that this system is false. Larry Blair was not the one who developed this system. He was just a common marketer who created a fake scenario that was attributed to an Oklahoma Math Professor. You would find many false claims in the Lotto Black Book sales pages, including that you were shot in the leg to get the secret formula. This so-called professor would be shot in the leg and put in jail. They would only need to purchase the system.

Websites that looked into this system discovered that all of the testimonials were fake! It was actually Michael Anderson, who won the lottery. He is not a math professor. The photo of Larry Blair was not the real thing. It was faked and has been removed. The original photo had the face blacked out. This was done to hide the real person in the winning lottery photograph.

The Lotto Black Book System has been exposed as a fraudulent lottery system. It has been tested by many people, including me. He also claimed that the system took him around 20 years to create, while the second sales page says it took him just 9 years. Again, big lies! Larry Blair, the so-called Lotto Black Book founder, claims he has won the lottery three times using his Lotto Black Book formula. Yet, he can't show any real up-close verified winning lottery ticket. This is because there are no winning lottery tickets. It is just a trick to get you thinking about winning. This is the first person to expose the Lotto Black Book as a bogus system. Lotto Black Book Fake Product. This was the first page of sales. It is now a video. However, this bogus system has never won any lottery games. In fact, I can show you the silly Lotto Black Book System's position in the most recent best winning lottery system official poll results. To view the full poll results, click on the link below. You can see the position of the Lotto Black Book. The seller received 2 votes, which is most likely why the system only got 2 votes. It would have won if it had been a winning lottery system. But, it is unlikely that a Lotto Guy Lottery System system could have won the Lotto Black Book. !

The Lotto Black Book is a proven fraud that has not won any lottery jackpots and should be reported by Click Bank as false advertising. People were lured by the 60-day money back guarantee. It is rare for this to happen, so don't waste your time and get a legitimate winning system. You should also know that every positive review of the Lotto Black Book is false. Affiliates are the ones who write these great reviews to make commissions. Another reason to never buy a system that affiliates are able to sell is that it will most likely be a useless and false product.

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