While this poker game can be a fun way to spend a few minutes, it lacks features and may cause frustration for some users. You can infer from the title that this application offers the classic variant of poker known as five card draw. This application allows you to play against three other computerized opponents, which is a departure from similar programs. The demo allows you to play against the easiest AI setting. However, it is easy to get your opponents to fold by betting heavily in the first round. While you can adjust the maximum cash that you have, the demo does not provide any other options. The program must be relaunched every seven hands, which can frustrate hardcore players. 5 Card Draw Poker is similar to many other similar games, with no sound effects or elaborate graphics, but it has a functional layout that allows for simple card games. Although the app can be a valuable learning tool for beginners, it doesn't have any help files, tutorials or hints. This poker title suits middle-level players looking to get in a few hands during downtime or breaks.