Bingo calls from the past and their meanings: All the numbers nicknames and sayings 1-90

You don't have to know the names of your fat ladies and your little ducks if you want to learn more about some of our most beloved traditional bingo calls.

Bingo calling is part of the fun and enjoyment of bingo. We have compiled a comprehensive guide for beginners and those who are more experienced at calling bingo.

Modern bingo calls have evolved over the years, but this guide will focus on the best classics. Below, discover the meaning of some of your most beloved traditional bingo calls. You might be fascinated to learn that the original form of bingo was created in Italy in the 1500s. It gained popularity in the UK in 1950s. There are many types of bingo today, and you can play some of the most popular bingo games online.

Traditional bingo calls: 1--30

  1. Kelly's Eye

The origins of this bingo call are not clear, as is the case with many other slang expressions. Kelly's Eye may refer to Ned Kelly, an Australian outlaw who was believed to have only one eye. Ned Kelly actually had two eyes, as evidenced by his death mask, which is on display at the Melbourne Gaol Museum. This is more likely to be the famous bingo call. Kelly made the helmet from letterbox metal as part of the armour his gang used in gunfights with lawmen. Another theory suggests that the number 1 was inspired by the song "Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?" which was popularized in the early 20th century and included into American St Patrick's Day festivities.

  1. One Little Duck, Me, and You, Baby's Done Kelly's Cousin

This is the first visual clue, which appears frequently in bingo calls. The written number 2, which is similar to One Little Duck swimming, might be noticed. This is the most common name for this number. Other traditional nicknames include Cockney rhyme slang Me and You and Baby's Done, which means baby's done one or two poos. Kelly's Cousin could refer to Ned Kelly’s cousin Tom Lloyd who was a strong supporter of the Kelly Gang.

  1. Cup of Tea, Goodness Me and a Flea

It is not surprising that our nation's favorite drink, a Cup of Tea, remains one of the most popular bingo calls. Goodness me is an abbreviation of the saying goodness gracious me. It comes from the phrase God bless me. Lady Luck might play a role in one's bingo fortunes. However, we suspect that the Lord may have other important matters to attend. Fleas are a visual reference. A flea with its back facing the number 3 appears to be a reference.

  1. Knock at the Door

Simple rhyme.

  1. Man Alive, One Little Snake

Man Alive can be used to express disbelief and incredulity. It is believed that the nautical cry Man Alive was originally used by sailors to warn their crew when they find someone alive on a shipwreck. One Little Snake, which is similar to number 2, which is a duck, is another visual representation of the number's appearance.

Tom Mix, Chopsticks and Spot Below

Tom Mix was the star of the silverscreen. His daredevil actions, handsome looks and 10 gallon hat made his the first cowboy hero in silent western films. Chopsticks is another rhyme. This time it uses the East-Asian eating tools or, given the musical tradition that bingo calls have, perhaps The Celebrated Chop Waltz, aka Chopsticks. It's the favourite tune that beginner pianists first learned. Spot Below is a reference to the fact that numbers that might be misread had a dot or spot beneath to avoid confusion. A six-digit number is not mistaken for a nine-digit number in this instance.

  1. Lucky Number Seven

Lucky Number Seven, a symbolism and religious belief that is believed to bring luck, is believed to bring good fortune to cultures all over the globe. According to the Judaic religions God created the world, and he rests on the seventh day. The Qu'ran speaks of seven levels of heaven, and Hindus believe there are seven higher worlds and seven lower realms. The seven steps that the Buddha's newborn son took to ascend were called Buddhism. It is one square closer to a full-house in bingo.

  1. Garden Gate, Harry Tate, One Fat Lady. successful tips for bingo calling