The Lottery guide surpassed $8 billion in sales for FY2021, a record-breaking year. This is the largest winning payout ever for the lottery since it began in 1992.

Texas Lottery is a major deal. Texas Lottery guides revenue exceeds $1 billion and goes directly to Texas education and veterans programs. Texas doesn’t tax winnings from the lottery.

Are you interested in joining the winning Lottery guides train? This guide will give you the best information about the Lottery guides, the different Lottery games, as well as tips and tricks for playing.

Guide to the Lottery

The Texas Constitution was voted into by Texans in 1991. Anne Richards (then Democrat governor) sold the first Lottery guide tickets in a small feed store. Texas was the first state to sell more than $23 millions of tickets in its first day.

The Lottery guide is overseen by Austin's Lottery Commission. Senate approval is required to appoint members. Regulations govern eligibility for commissioners and conduct in order to reduce the possibility of corruption.

You can play the Lottery guide and your income goes to Texas. It's an important source funding for many public causes.

Since 1997, over $27 trillion of the generated revenue has gone directly towards Texas public education. Veterans' Aid has received over $166million.

The revenue breakdown for FY2020 was as follows:

Prizes: 66.3%

Texas Education: 24,8%

Retailer Compensation: 5.2%

Lottery Administration: 3.4%

Veterans' Assistance: 0.3%

According to San Antonio News-Express. More than $45,000,000 in unclaimed prizes was also donated by public service institutions, such as the University of Texas Medical Branch. Additionally, license retailers generated more than $400 million in commissions.

How to Play Lottery Guide

According to the Lottery guides official FAQ, tickets cannot only be purchased over the phone or mail. Payslips can only be picked up in person at authorized Lottery guides retailers, including convenience stores, grocery and gas stations. The official website also has a retailer search function.

You can also purchase online from the Apple Store or Google Play by downloading the official Lottery app. Or, you can visit The Lotter Texas' official Lottery guide online.

Texas doesn't have a tax but there are certain regulations Texas must adhere to the federal tax policies of the IRS. Your payout method must be selected on your payslip before you play. You cannot change it later.

Each game has many chances to win. You can use: to determine if your payslip number matches the winning numbers.

The live broadcast

The Lottery guide site

The Lottery Guide App

Lottery guide retailers

The 800-375-86886 results line

Local newspapers

Winning tickets cannot be used after the draw (draw games) or game's close date(scratch ticket).

Lottery guide Games

The Lottery guide currently offers eight draw games as well eight scratch ticket prices. To win, you don’t need to live in Texas. You must get your ticket from an authorized or licensed source.

  1. Lottery Guide Powerball

Powerball lottery, a multijurisdictional drawing game, has million-dollar prizes. 45 states currently participate. The initial jackpot is $20,000,000.

The prize amount has varied from $700 to $750 million many times. It even reached $1.586 Billion in January 2016, after it had rolled an unprecedented 19, 19-times. It currently holds the title of the largest lottery prize.

Powerball is extremely popular in Florida, California, Texas. Powerballs from both California and Florida were able to sell winning tickets for the huge jackpot of billions.

How to play

The Lottery guide Powerball game is simple to play. For the Powerball payslip you will need to choose five numbers between 1-69 et one Powerball Number between 1-26.

Quick Pick (QP), a random generator of numbers, is also an option.

The Multi-draw box allows you to select the same number set for future drawings. This will allow you to make a maximum 10 consecutive drawings. Power Play can be used to increase non-grand prize winnings either by 2-5 or 10, respectively.

Power Plays are $1 each. The frequency ranges from 1-10X, to 2-5X and 3-4X. It can also be used for 13-3X, 23-3X, 24-2X, and 13-3X. The 10X option will not be available for initial amounts below $150 million.

Check your numbers on the Powerball broadcast, Monday through Saturday, at 10:12 p.m. CT.

  1. Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a multi-jurisdictional lottery that can be found in 45 states. The minimum jackpot size is $40,000,000

Mega Millions' record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot in 2018 was $1.537 billion. It also holds the world record for the largest single-ticket lottery prize, with $1.537 billion in 2018.

It also claimed the third-highest Jackpot spot with a jackpot of $1.05 billion in Jan. 2021.

How to play

Mega Millions is a similar game to Powerball. There are five Mega Ball numbers, ranging from 1-70 to 1-25. Multi-draw and QP are also options.

Megaplier, a multiplier option for Mega Millions is available. This option costs just $1 per playboard, and can increase non-grand prize winnings up to 2-5 times. The Megplier frequency are 1-5, 3-4s 6-3s, 6-2s, and 5 5-2s.

Mega Millions broadcasts every Tuesday and Friday at 10:12 CST

  1. Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas only exists in Texas. It's the oldest Lottery guide game and has been around since May 1992. The minimum jackpot for this game is $5 Million.

After 30 rolls, the $145 million jackpot was the largest. Other high jackpots included $97 million in 2010 as well as $42 million in 2020.

The jackpot of $42million was the third-highest in the world at the moment. Only Super Enalotto ($45m) and Euro Millions ($83m) jackpots were more impressive.

Lotto Texas winner Thomas "Hollywood", Henderson, is one of them. Henderson is a former Dallas Cowboys Linebacker. He won the $29million jackpot in March 2000.

How to play

Lotto Texas requires that you select six numbers between 1-54 manually or via QP. Multi-draw is also possible.

Extra is the Lotta Texas multiplier. You can double your winnings to as high as $10,000 It costs just $1 per play

Lotto Texas drawings will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays at 10.12 p.m. Central Time.

  1. Texas Two Step

Texas Two Step is another in house draw game. It's available only in Texas. It was created in May 2001. The jackpot minimum is $200,000.

The highest jackpots were more than $2 million in 2006 and 2009, as well as 2019 One Houston retail worker won $2.15million by buying a QP card through an app in March 2021.

How to play

Texas Two Step is two steps. Select four numbers and one Bonus Ball from 1 to 35. You also have the QP choice. There is also a multi-draw option but no multipliers.

The Texas Two-Step drawings air at 10:12 p.m. CT on Mondays.

  1. Choose from 3

Pick 3 is a simple and inexpensive game. Tickets for the base game are as low at 50 cents. The maximum prize is 500 dollars. It's an older game, which was launched in Oct. 1993.

Pick 3 offers lower odds of winning than other games due to its low cost. The players are given the opportunity to order their time and increase their odds, as well as increasing their payout amount.

How to play

The Pick 3 game is a bit more flexible. Fill out the payslip with three numbers between zero and nine (only single digits), or use the QP option.

Next, choose how you want to play your numbers.

Exact order: Numbers must be drawn exactly in the same order

Any Order: All orders can have winning numbers

Exact/Anyorder: Winning numbers can play both

Combo: Get all Exact Orders in one ticket

Pick 3 multi-draw options allow for 24 consecutive Pick 3 drawing. This is how many Pick 3 draws take place per week. There are four options for you to choose from when you want your numbers to be drawn at a certain (CST).

Only morning (10:00 AM)

Only day (12.27 p.m.

Only evening (6:00 pm.)

Only night (10.12 pm.)

Fireball is a bonus number that Pick 3 offers. Pick 3 draws a number between 0-9.

This number can replace the winning number, allowing you to create more combination wins. The cost of Pick 3 is doubled if you choose this option.

Pick 3 and you will get many drawings. You can also find them six days a semaine, from Monday to Saturday.

  1. Daily 4

Daily 4 was established in Sept. 2007. It offers more options than other Lottery game guides. Maximum prize is $5,000

As with Pick 3, a base ticket can be bought for only 50c. lottery guides